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Rebuild the world to be better than ever with the Great Builders Pack*. This is the fifth of six packs included in the Civilization VI: Leader Pass**.


Theodora was an actress when she caught the eye of the Byzantine emperor-to-be Justinian. Because there was a law explicitly banning high-ranking men from marrying actresses, Justinian changed the laws and, two years later, he had ascended to the throne and she became Empress. In her position, Theodora expanded womens' rights and was instrumental in religious policy, bolstering the branch of Christianity that became dominant in Ethiopia, Syria, and Egypt.  Along with Justinian, she's revered as a saint by multiple Orthodox churches to this day. In-game, Theodora places an emphasis on Culture. 


  • Holy Sites provide Culture equal to their adjacency bonus.
  • Farms provide a Faith adjacency to Hippodromes and Holy Sites.
Theodora (Byzantines)


Widely regarded as one of the greatest leaders in Korean history, Sejong of Joseon promoted sciences, supported military advancements, and produced a book to help farmers learn new techniques from different regions. He is also credited with creating the Hangul alphabet, which replaced the Chinese characters previously used to write Korean words and is still used today. A lover of both science and music, Sejong dislikes any Civilizations that are ahead of Korea in Science and Culture.


  • When you complete your first Technology from a new Era, you receive double your Science per turn as Culture.
Sejong (Korea)


Born into Bavarian royalty, the “Mad King” Ludwig ascended to the throne when he was only 19 years old. It was during his reign that Bavaria lost its independence to Germany, but Ludwig is best remembered for his love of architecture. He personally funded the construction of elaborate castles that, despite ruining him financially and contributing to the abrupt end of his rule, are now among Bavaria's most important tourist attractions. Ludwig's Eternal Enigma agenda as a Civilization leader results in him preferring Civilizations that do not keep the maximum number of districts in each city.


  • Wonders, even if not finished, receive +2 Culture for each adjacent District.
  • All Culture adjacencies provide Tourism after discovering Castles.

Ludwig II (Germany)

*Base game and Leader Pass required to access Great Builders content.

**Base game required to access all Civilization VI: Leader Pass content and additional DLC packs required to access certain leaders and content included in the Leader Pass. Leader Pass is only available on Steam, Epic, Mac App Store, and iOS, and is already included as part of the Civilization VI Anthology Edition.

***Requires Byzantium & Gaul content pack to play.

****Requires Rise and Fall expansion pack to play.