Civ VI Monthly Challenge: Reach for the Heavens

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Today we're excited to share that the next monthly Civilization VI challenge, Reach for the Heavens, is now live for the Steam version of the game on PC. This challenge can be attempted at either Prince or Emperor difficulty. For a limited time, challenges like this one afford you an opportunity to test your skills as a specific leader in a unique scenario. The first time you successfully complete each challenge, you'll earn yourself a new in-game Hall of Fame Badge. To play the current challenge between May 14 and June 18, go to the main menu in-game and click on "Reach for the Heavens - Challenge of the Month." Note that if you don't own any of the DLC featured in the challenge, you will be granted free trial access to it for use in the challenge so you don't miss out. We'll update this page with details on upcoming challenges as they become available.


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Designed by Civilization streamer Potato McWhiskey, this event challenges you to lead the Khmer Empire to a Culture victory. Build sprawling cities that celebrate your faith in the Prasat temples, and drive cultural hegemony through your population's growth.

The Khmer's wondrous Angkor Wat temple complex is a magnet for visitors in modern-day Cambodia. As King Jayavarman VII, can you attract enough tourists to achieve this goal before June 18?

Game Parameters

  • Difficulty: Prince / Emperor
  • Victory: Culture Only
  • Speed: Standard
  • Player Leader: Jayavarman VII
  • Map Type: Wetlands
  • Map Size: Standard
  • RuleSet: Gathering Storm
  • Start Era: Classical
  • Resources: Standard
  • World Age: Standard
  • Start Position: Standard
  • Temperature: Standard
  • Rainfall: Standard
  • Sea Level: Standard


Khmer Overview

For tips on how to complete the Reach for the Heavens challenge, check out this short video detailing the unique abilities and units of the Khmer civilization and its leader, Jayavarman VII.

How to Generate Culture

Looking for advice on how to generate enough Culture to achieve victory in this month's challenge? The development team has you covered.